Main Venue

Location: Zi Jin Hall

8:00-8:30Xudong YangHui ZhangGuests AddressAir Force Medical University Third Hospital
Takao Ayuse (Japan)Nagasaki University/ Dental anesthesiology
Jong-Soo Kim (South Korea)Department of Pediatric Dentistry/School of Dentistry, Dankook University
Chuanbin GuoPeking University School of Stomatology
Yuguang HuangPeking Union Medical College Hospital
Guangyan YuPeking University School of Stomatology
8:30-9:00Yesen Zhu

Lixian Xu

Yuguang Huang“PATIENT SECOND” reader responsePeking Union Medical College Hospital
9:30-10:00Lize XiongFrom anesthesiology to perioperative medicine: how does oral anesthesia do?Shanghai People’s Hospital
10:00-10:10Tea Break
10:10-10:40Hong Jiang

Hui Zhang

Yoshiki Shionoya


Application of  Dexmedetomidine in dental anesthesiaNippon Dental University/Dental anesthesiology
10:40-11:10Jongbin Kim

(South Korea)

Emergencies in Pediatric DentistryDepartment of Pediatric Dentistry/School of Dentistry, Dankook University
11:10-11:35Ruichang Liu

Wei Zhang

Dongxin WangPerioperative brain health: what else can we do?Peking University First Hospital
11:35-12:00Hui ZhangThe development status and challenge of oral anesthesia in ChinaAir Force Medical University Third Hospital
Lunch break: satellite meeting, poster display (12:00 ~ 13:30).

Judges: Bo Zhu (Peking Union Medical College Hospital), Hitoshi Niwa(Japan), Jongbin Kim(South Korea)



The First Venue (FADAS English Special Venue)

Location: Vandai B conference room.

Topic: Oral Sedation and Analgesia for Outpatients

13:30-13:55Hui Xu

Gang Li

Lixian XuInteraction of anesthetic and non-narcoticAir Force Medical University Third Hospital
13:55-14:20Kirana Lina Gunawan (Indonesia)Oral sedation with Chloral Hydrat for post labioplasty patients.Fakultas Kedokteran Gigi Universitas Padjajaran Bandung-Indonesia
14:20-14:45Hui Zhang

Hyun Jeong Kim (South Korea)

Natalia Anisimova (Russia)Safety mission in dentistry.

Russian point of view

Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry named after A.I. Evdokimov
14:45-15:10Asami Doman (Japan)Current status and issues of Japanese oral health  centers performing day anesthesiaKobe Dental Association KOBE DENTAL CENTER
15:10-15:20 Expert Discussion for Session 1
15:20-15:30Tea Break
15:30-15:55Lixin Shi

Keying Liu

Cong YuThe methods of Enhanced Recover After Surgery facilitate outpatient dental anesthesiaChongqing Medical University Hospital of Stomatology
15:55-16:20Xudong YangIntravenous deep sedation in pediatric dentistryPeking University School of Stomatology
16:20-16:45Hitoshi Niwa (Japan)

Zhifeng Chen

Myong-Hwan Karm (South Korea)Perioperative pain control in oral outpatient surgerySeoul National University Dental Hospital
16:45-17:10Jerry Paul (India)Difficult airway management challenges in oral and maxillofacial  surgeryAmrita Institute of Medical Sciences

Ponekkara, Cochin,

Kerala, India

17:10-17:20Expert Discussion for Session 2


The Second Venue (Oral Anesthesia Special Venue)

Location: Vandai C conference room

Topic: Difficult Airway and Perioperative Management

13:30-13:55Guokai Liu

Linming Bu

Hong JiangDoes anesthesia really have no effect on the developing brain?Shanghai Jiaotong University Medical College Ninth People’s Hospital
13:55-14:20Jianmin ZhangAnesthesia management of pediatric upper airway emergency surgeryBeijing Children’s Hospital
14:20-14:45Xude Sun

Baojian Zhao

Xiaoming DengThe management of pediatric difficult airwayPlastic Surgery Hospital (Institute), CAMS, PUMC
14:45-15:10Zhen JiaAnesthesia management of liver hydatid patientsQinghai University Hospital
15:10-15:20Tea Break
15:20-15:45Youtan Liu

Liang Jiao

Miao WangPain management of cleft lip and palate surgeryWest China School/Hospital of Stomatology Sichuan University
15:45-16:10Tiejun ZhangSpecial cases sharing in maxillofacial surgeryHospital of Stomatology Wuhan University
16:10-16:35Jianjun Li

Lan Yao

Xiaotong ShiPractice of sedation and analgesia in oral clinicGuangxi Medical University College of Stomatology
16:35-17:00Binshu WangERAS application in orthognathic surgeryTianjin Stomatological Hospital
Special reports of young anesthetists17:00-17:10Yanfeng Zhou

Dunyi Qi

Lirong LiangMechanism of sevoflurane induced developmental neurotoxicity and its prevention and treatment strategiesAir Force Medical University Third Hospital
17:10-17:20Xiaodong WangApplication of ultrasound-guided trigeminal nerve block in orthognathic surgeryPeking University School of Stomatology
17:20-17:30Dongdong ChaiEffects of anesthesia during pregnancy on fetal neurotoxicityShanghai Jiaotong University Medical College Ninth People’s Hospital


The Third Venue (ENT Anesthesia Special Venue)

Location: Vandai D conference room

Topic: Forum on Anesthesia and ERAS for Non-inpatient ENT Surgery

13:30-14:05Jun Wang

Hao Cheng

Xiaoming DengAirway management during maxillofacial deformity surgeryPlastic Surgery Hospital (Institute), CAMS, PUMC
14:05-14:40Huilu LiAnesthesia for hypopharyngeal carcinoma combined with esophageal surgeryShandong Otolaryngology Hospital
14:40-15:15Huanliang WangAnesthesia in fibrolaryngoscopyQilu Hospital of Shandong University
15:15-15:30Tea Break
15:30-16:05Tiecheng Liu

Qiuhua Zhao

Mei LiAirway management in pediatric Laryngology anesthesiaBeijing Tongren Hospital, CMU
16:05-16:40Na LinAnesthesia risk control in laser surgery for laryngeal cancerBeijing Tongren Hospital, CMU
16:40-17:15Xu Cui       Anesthesia management of complicated fundus oculi surgeryBeijing Tongren Hospital, CMU
The Fourth Venue (workshop):

Location: Vandai A conference room.

(Groups rotate every 60 minutes)

Group 1


Pengjie Pan (Engineer)Application of fiberoptic bronchoscopy for difficult airway tracheal intubation
Group 2


Xiaodong Wang

Likuan Wang

Application of ultrasound in oral and maxillofacial surgery anesthesia (maxillofacial and peripheral nerve block; Cardiopulmonary and airway ultrasound)
Group 3


Dong Yang

Yingchun Dong

Surgical emergency airway and minimally invasive tracheotomy
Fiberscope skill display


Xiaodong Wang

Pengjie Pan

Skills presentation of fiberoptic bronchoscopy in difficult airway cases (10 entries, on-site software scoring)